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Performance Coaching 

Performance Coaching is a process that we offer where we facilitate the development and action planning of your programme. Our Performance Coaching service is not just advice giving but involves the coach sharing their experiences and opinions as well.


The purpose of Performance Coaching sessions are to improve the effectiveness of technique, refine existing skills and to develop and improve the capability to correct poor performance. Performance Coaching helps you move forward at your pace within an equal and trusting relationship between coach and athlete.


The aim of Performance Coaching is to improve the individual's performance of their specific sport or chosen discipline. This again involves either enhancing current skills or acquiring new skills. Once you successfully acquired the skills the coach will then mentor the development and progression of the athlete.


How does working with a coach help? Working with a coach can help you to

identify road blocks to achieving your true potential. We will set practical and achievable goals that will develop new skills and maximize strengths. We will develop tools to overcome weaknesses, develop a greater understanding of your performance needs and desires to adapt to changes.