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Our Strength and Conditioning service is the physical and physiological development of athletes from novice to elite sport performance. Strength and Conditioning is about more than lifting weights – it encompasses the entire development of the athlete and what is needed to improve physical performance.


The first step is to improve athletic performance which usually means improving athletes speed, strength, and power. Although specifics vary according to each athlete and sport. Our tailored Strength and Conditioning programmes develop systematic training for individual athletes, often working in close association with the training you are currently doing.


Our role at Boom Power Performance Coaching is to devise a strength and conditioning sequence of exercises specifically designed to improve performance in athletic competition or general lifestyle. The programme will be progressive and identify areas of improvement at each stage of the process.


All of our programmes will be explosive and most of all enjoyable. The cardio conditioning and strength workouts will incorporate intense circuits of endurance, strength, and plyometric exercises. They are designed to sculpt lean muscle, strengthen the core, increase endurance, and kick-start the metabolism.

Package Benefits

💥 Initial consultation and ‘fit for exercise’ screening

💥Weekly one to one video call


💥Boom Power Training App Account & Profile


💥Fully tailored BPPC Training Plan


💥Tailored Nutrition Guide


💥BPPC Supplementation Guide


💥 Workout Logs


💥Workout Reminders


💥Training Calendar


💥Exercise Video Library


💥Progress Tracking & Reviews


💥Monthly Review from BPPC


💥24/7 Unlimited Support


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