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Fat-loss is one of the most common goals in the fitness industry and one of the most challenging. Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle is becoming increasingly sedentary and with a severe lack of education on nutrition and health - it’s no wonder weight management has become an increasing health issue in recent years.

Anyone can lose weight fast, but to lose fat without damaging your body and metabolism requires a good level of knowledge and experience. With our online fat-loss package we will show you how to lose weight safely and effectively and educate you on how to keep it off for good! 

Our tailored training programme consists of resistance training, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and other preferred forms of cardiovascular training. Rather than provide a fixed meal plan that you will find hard to tolerate or remain consistent with, we provide you with your daily targets for protein, carbohydrates and fats and show you how to meet these targets with a balanced, varied and sustainable diet. We have one guarantee, you will not starve on this plan!

Package Benefits

💥 Initial consultation and ‘fit for exercise’ screening

💥Weekly one to one video call


💥Boom Power Training App Account & Profile


💥Fully tailored BPPC Training Plan


💥Tailored Nutrition Guide


💥BPPC Supplementation Guide


💥 Workout Logs


💥Workout Reminders


💥Training Calendar


💥Exercise Video Library


💥Progress Tracking & Reviews


💥Monthly Review from BPPC


💥24/7 Unlimited Support


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