Adaptive Disabled Training 

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Boom Power Performance Coaching has the experience and expertise to design and deliver exercise programmes for disabled people. With disability affecting 18% of the UK population, the demand for safe and supportive exercise programmes for disabled clients is rising. 


Our tailored exercise programmes with disabled clients teach each individual the skills needed to progress, enjoy and most of all achieve something amazing. It also covers the principles of exercise for disabled people, understanding the ethical issues surrounding disability, and knowing the implications of conditions and impairments when working with disabled clients.


When training someone with a disability you really need to think outside of the box. The same fitness principles apply but it is all about adaptation and overcoming obstacles. In many cases it’s about working out ways to raise the heart rate without using the legs. Often a simple circuit switching exercise between abdominal and upper body can achieve the same result.

Package Benefits

💥 Initial consultation and ‘fit for exercise’ screening

💥Weekly one to one video call


💥Boom Power Training App Account & Profile


💥Fully tailored BPPC Training Plan


💥Tailored Nutrition Guide


💥BPPC Supplementation Guide


💥 Workout Logs


💥Workout Reminders


💥Training Calendar


💥Exercise Video Library


💥Progress Tracking & Reviews


💥Monthly Review from BPPC


💥24/7 Unlimited Support


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