Boxing Match Winner

Boxing Conditioning

Boxing training at Boom Power Performance Coaching uses a variety of different drills to improve your coordination, strength, power, timing and speed. The equipment used is strike pads, paddles, impact pads, defence sticks and heavy pad. Any level of boxer from a beginner to advanced will go through a specific training routine tailored to meet their training goals. 


Boxing is without question a fantastic way to get in shape. Our tailored sessions will help you lose weight, tone up, improve co-ordination, increase stamina, timing, self confidence, self esteem and reduce stress levels. 


The training will typically consist of learning how to hit the heavy bag, the uppercut bag and wall mounted target bag. As well as doing shadowboxing in front of a mirror, skipping rope, calisthenics and jogging every session. The progression will be practice bouts inside the ring which will timed sparring.


The boxing training in the early stage will be the conditioning and establishing the fundamentals. For the amateur or professional boxer preparing for a competition or bout the training is much more stringent. This would be an adaptive programme to either prepare for a upcoming fight or work alongside training you are already doing to sharpen you up and refine your existing skills.