Gloves Up

121 personal Coaching

Our Personal Coaching service creates one-on-one fitness programmes for clients. We design them specifically for you to help promote realistic health and fitness goals, to help achieve their intended goals and most of all hit each milestone as a team. Most importantly we want to tap in to what makes you click and what really gets you excited about training


Alongside the programme we conduct one-on-one sessions with clients where we help them meet their goals and track progression. This can be anything from losing weight to gaining muscle, and conducted through everything from doing any form anaerobic exercise. We can use machines, walk/run or use weights, amongst many other processes that is of interest to you. 


Alongside each programme we ensure each client follows their health plans that are assigned for them, so together we can reach your goals. The decision and formulation of each programme is based on the ability of each individual and the overall goals you want to achieve. Key factors related to the programme is the motivation, determination and drive to make adaptive changes to your lifestyle.


We recognize our own areas of expertise and overcoming the barriers when trying something different and new. If at any point we suspect that one of their clients has a medical condition that could prevent the client from safe participation in an exercise programme, we would refer the client to the proper health professional for prior clearance and safe return to their programme.